Hi, I’m Albana and I am the food blogger, recipe developer, and photographer behind Uncomplicatedchef. I’m not a chef by profession, my handle name it’s just for fun! But, I consider myself a chef for my family. An architect by profession I decided to create this blog to share easy and uncomplicated recipes with a fancy flare sometimes, or as a friend of mine says “casual chic”. A little bit about me! I spent half of my life in Albania, and the rest in France and US! Thus my different journeys affected my way of cooking!

I currently live in Florida the beautiful Sunshine State! I am a mother of two and a wife of a guy who still makes me laugh. I started this blog a year ago just with the desire to share what I cook for our family of four! My way of cooking it’s easy, uncomplicated, and balanced everyday recipes. I love the simplicity and I try to transfer that into my cooking. I consider myself a foodie who loves to explore and is not afraid of trying cuisine from different cultures. French cuisine will always steal my heart. My favorite quote is

“The secret of life is Butter” I fell in love with that quote after watching the movie “Last Holiday” Indulging myself in good food, new challenges in life, sharing soulful moments with people that I love, it means living the life to its fullest! Thank you for visiting my page!