Apple Cider Mimosas

Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner and with them all of the festive parties and dinners. Give you signature cocktail an autumn inspired twist with Apple Cider Mimosas.

Apple Cider Mimosas

There’s nothing like celebrating friends and family with a festive drink, such as Dazzling Blood Orange Mimosas. With just a few simple ingredients you will be toasting all season long.


There’s no need to pull out a shopping list of ingredients for these sweet and sparkly Apple Cider Mimosas. Using a staple of the fall, it only takes a handful of things to make this drink shine.

Apple Cider Mimosas
  • Champagne – Use your favorite form of bubbles. Sparkling wine, sparkling rose, prosecco, and cava will all work in this recipe.
  • Apple Cider – This unfiltered and usually unsweetened drink is made from apples. Often cloudy in appearance, in infuses the flavor of pure apples into the mimosa. Made with the entire apple, it isn’t as sweet as apple juice and is traditionally served Halloween through New Year’s.
  • Caramel – Give your caramel apples an adult twist. Dipping the rim of your champagne flutes into caramel will add a little additional sweetness and fun to every sip.
  • Raw Sugar – Adds texture and sparkle to the rim of the glass.
  • Apple Slices – Apple slices make the perfect garnish while also adding flavor. You can use your favorite variety of apple for this recipe and also add an additional layer of either sweetness or tartness depending on what you pick.

How to Make Apple Cider Mimosas

Pop open that bubbly and invite some friends over. Saying cheers to the holiday season has never been so delicious and easy.

Time needed: 5 minutes

If you can pop open the bubbles you can make this season inspired cocktail. Perfect for any brunch or happy hour, it’s sure to become a new favorite.

  1. Mise en Place

    Create two separate dipping stations. Add your caramel sauce to one shallow dish and your raw sugar to another. Slice your apple and set aside. Apple Cider Mimosas

  2. Dip

    Dip the rim of your champagne flute into the caramel sauce, and then dip it into the raw sugar. Apple Cider Mimosas

  3. Pour

    Add a couple of tablespoons of apple cider into each champagne flute.Apple Cider Mimosas

  4. Pop!

    Open your bottle of sparkling wine. Cap off each champagne flute with sparkling wine, champagne, cava, or prosecco. Apple Cider Mimosas

  5. Cheers!

    Add a couple of apple slices to each glass. Cheers!Apple Cider Mimosas


This recipe can be turned into a non-alcoholic mocktail perfect for kids and adults alike. Replace the champagne or sparkling wine in this recipe for sparkling grape juice or non-alcoholic sparkling cider.


While a half full champagne bottle is next to impossible to believe, no worries if you have leftover champagne. It can be stored for 3-5 days in the refrigerator. Simply recork it with the original cork or use a wine stopper.

Top Tip for Apple Cider Mimosas

Apple Cider Mimosas

Part of what makes this cocktail both Instagram worthy and delicious is its caramel rim. To make the caramel easier to dip, allow it to sit at room temperature.

Apple Cider Mimosas

Apple Cider Mimosas

Caramel rimmed champagne flutes are filled with sparkling wine and apple cider.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Course Drinks
Servings 1 cocktail


  • 1 champagne flute
  • 2 shallow dishes


  • 2 tbsp apple cider
  • sparkling wine, champagne, cava, or prosecco
  • 1 apple, sliced
  • 1/2 cup caramel
  • 1/2 cup raw sugar


  • Dip the rim of the champagne flute into the caramel sauce.
  • Dip the rim into the raw sugar.
  • Add apple cider into the bottom of the champagne glass.
  • Top off the glass with sparkling wine.
  • Cheers!
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